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My real name is Rebecca, however, I deem it too fancy for myself. So I go by Becky, but also answer to Beckster and Beck-Beck.

I’m a 2016 graduate of Western New England University with a degree in Communications – Public Relations and am currently enrolled in WNE’s Master’s of Communication – Public Relations program. I work full time as an account manager at a small marketing group and on the weekends at a local ice cream shop.

I am a huge sports fan and proud of it. I’m a Boston Red Sox and New York Giants fan who was raised by a Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Vikings fan. When the teams play each other, my mom stays away from the living room because my dad and I yell at the TV (or each other). I’m an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan by accident, and that whole story can be found in this post. I love dogs more than anything, in particular, my dogs. They are the best dogs in the world, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Some of my accomplishments include running a 10:30 mile with exercise-induced asthma, knowing too much about the Watergate scandal (for fun), finding the very few episodes of Law & Order: SVU that I haven’t seen yet out of 19 seasons, and being hit with a foul ball at a baseball game.


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  1. Thanks so much for following our site, Becky! We’re so happy to have found your blog and connected with you. Some seriously great stuff here! BTW – We wanted to inform you that we’ve recently moved sites and are now located on wordpress.org! Feel free to come check us out at ell-creative.co!! Thanks again, and happy writing 🙂


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